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Rule-following, flexible...

The regulations for the new type of police uniform are laid down in the 62/2013. (XI. 28.) no. It is regulated by the annex to the Bm decree. We know because we participated in its creation. Adhering to these rules, we offer you our products directly from the manufacturer...

We have lined up all the products...

Also with accessories to make it the most comfortable for you!

The rules that are currently in force clearly stipulate the requirements for the new type of police uniform. Adhering to this rule, but also going beyond it, we are flexible and readily available to the honorable civil guards.

You can order our products online!

0-24 hours, every day of the week.

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We only manufacture clothing specified in the relevant regulation. You can download the MANUFACTURER'S STATEMENT about this here.

Quality and rules are non-negotiable for us!

You can be sure of us...

And that's not all...

We have many other products for you!

In our web store, you can find many products and accessories that make your work easier. 

What else can we help you with?

We put our knowledge at your service!

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