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Complexity, flexibility, knowledge, experience, learning, development, adaptation, understanding, proactivity...
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Our products

Totally everything! But really...
T-shirts in any version
Collared piquet shirts, t-shirts. Made of cotton or mixed fiber material, with short or long hair, in various thicknesses. In countless colors and styles, even slimmed down for ladies.
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Exercise clothing
Training pants, jackets, tactical clothing, FBO clothing, new type of police uniform, deployment clothing. All of this either in the form regulated according to the relevant regulations, or according to completely individual needs.
Winter clothes
Winter coats, jackets, vests, knitted hats, gloves, underwear, in any color and style, in standard form, but also according to individual ideas.
Fleece sweaters, fleece vests, knitted sweaters, cotton tops, softshell tops, zip-up and hooded tops, hurricane clothing, rain protection clothing, any other outerwear.
High visibility clothing
Full range of visibility clothing: vests, jackets, t-shirts, gloves, hats, belts, armbands, accessories, all with visibility criteria in mind! We implement anything from classic standards to unique ideas.
Supplies, accessories
Everything else you may need: rain-proof clothing (raincoats, sets, rain-proof pants, etc.), windbreakers, baseball caps, other hats (berets, bowler hats, pilotka, etc.), belts (leather belts, tactical belts, webbing belts, etc. ), passport holders, plastic cards, embroidered patches, ID holders, cases, slats, as well as full-scale work protection clothing and equipment.
Work clothes, occupational safety equipment
All our occupational safety products have the relevant certificates, test reports and all technical materials that are necessary for the trade of occupational safety products.
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